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Dentures & Dental Implants - Which Is a Better Dental Solution?

When it comes to restoring your smile and regaining confidence, there are several options available in the world of dentistry. Two of the most popular solutions are dentures and dental implants. If you’re facing the decision of which one is right for you, you’re not alone. 

Many patients find themselves weighing the pros and cons of both options before making a choice. Let’s take a look at these dental restoration procedures and help you decide whether dentures or dental implants are the better dental solutions for your unique needs.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern marvel in the field of dentistry. These permanent replacements for missing teeth are made up of three main components:

The Implant: A small titanium post surgically placed in your jawbone.

The Abutment: A connector piece that attaches the implant to the crown.

The Crown: The artificial tooth that sits on top of the abutment, mimicking the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

Exploring Dentures

Dentures, on the other hand, have been a reliable dental solution for decades. They come in two primary types:

Complete Dentures: These replace all of your teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw.

Partial Dentures: Designed to replace only a few missing teeth and are held in place by clasps that attach to your natural teeth.

The Pros and Cons of Dentures


Affordability: Dentures are generally more cost-effective than dental implants.

Non-Invasive: The process of getting dentures is non-surgical and less invasive.

Quick Solution: You can have dentures fitted relatively quickly compared to dental implants.


Stability: Dentures may become loose or unstable over time, affecting your ability to eat and speak comfortably.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning and potential adjustments are necessary for denture wearers.

Bone Resorption: Dentures do not stimulate the jawbone, which can lead to bone loss over time.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants


Durability: Dental implants are a long-lasting solution, often lasting a lifetime with proper care.

Natural Look and Feel: They closely resemble natural teeth in appearance and function.

Preservation of Jawbone: Implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss.


Cost: Dental implants can be more expensive upfront than dentures.

Surgical Procedure: The implant placement requires oral surgery.

Healing Time: It can take several months for dental implants to fully integrate with the jawbone.

Which Is the Better Dental Solution for You?

Choosing between dentures and dental implants ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Budget: If cost is a significant concern, dentures may be a more accessible option.

Longevity: If you’re looking for a long-term solution that mimics the feel and function of natural teeth, dental implants are the superior choice.

Health: Dental implants help preserve your jawbone, which can have positive long-term health effects.

Lifestyle: Consider your eating habits and speech requirements. Dental implants offer more stability for these activities.

Aesthetics: If a natural appearance is vital to you, dental implants are unmatched in this regard.

Dental Implants and Braces in Sutherland Shire

For those with multiple dental issues, it’s important to note that dental implants can also be used in conjunction with braces. In the Sutherland Shire area, The Smile Space offers comprehensive dental solutions, including dental implants and braces.

In the ongoing debate of dentures vs. dental implants, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The right choice depends on your individual needs, priorities, and budget. To make an informed decision, consult with a reputable dentist who can assess your oral health and help you choose the best dental solution for your unique situation. 

Whether you need dental implants in Sutherland or considering braces in Sutherland Shire, remember that your smile is an investment in your confidence and well-being. Choose wisely, and you’ll be flashing your pearly whites for years to come.

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We understand that the decision to get braces is significant. At The Smile Space, our focus is on making this journey as seamless and rewarding as possible:

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We fully grasp the significance of the decision to get braces in Sutherland Shire. At The Smile Space, our commitment extends beyond mere results; we prioritize your comfort throughout the entire treatment journey. 

Our aim is to make this experience as smooth and comfortable as possible, from the very beginning to the final reveal of your beautifully transformed smile.

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Your choice of The Smile Space for braces in Sutherland Shire is a choice for community support and excellence.

Dr. Joseph Coorey


Dr. Joseph Coorey

Dr. Joseph Coorey, or just Joey as many of his patients call him, graduated from the University of Sydney in 2010. Joey is passionate about dentistry, particularly Dentofacial Orthopaedics and Orthodontics, with a goal for appropriate airway development, healthy jaw joints, and proper function in adults and children.

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