Learn More About Chipped or Cracked Tooth

You can’t always avoid a chipped or cracked tooth. But you can prevent further damage by getting it addressed as soon as possible. At The Smile Space, we have a range of dental treatment options to help you manage your chipped or cracked tooth and restore the function and beauty of your smile.

Don't Let a Broken Tooth Ruin Your Smile With Our Chipped or Cracked Tooth Dental Services.

A chipped or cracked tooth can not only leave you feeling self-conscious, but it could also cause pain and discomfort. Plus, a chipped or cracked tooth can result in further damage if it isn’t addressed immediately.

The Smile Space understands that having a chipped or cracked tooth can be painful and embarrassing. We offer a variety of dental treatment options that will help you flash confident smiles. We’ve got you covered, from simple fillings to more complex procedures like crowns and implants. Our dental team are highly-trained professionals who are proficient in the latest technologies, so the results are efficient, natural-looking, and long-lasting. You can rely on us to handle your broken tooth, restore your smile, and help you get back your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a dental appointment!

Benefits of Managing Chipped or Cracked Tooth

If you’ve got a chipped or cracked tooth, don’t leave it unattended. Not only could it cause pain and discomfort, but it can also lead to further damage that will cost you even more money in the long run. Here are some benefits of managing chipped or cracked teeth:

Minimise Risk of Infection

A chipped tooth can eventually require a root canal procedure or tooth extraction. Prompt dental treatment can minimise the risk of infection. 

In addition, early intervention can help prevent further damage to the tooth, such as tooth decay and gum disease, and may even help preserve the natural tooth structure.

Reduce Pain and Sensitivity

Managing a chipped or cracked tooth early on can help reduce any pain or discomfort. Your dentist will likely put a dental filling in the tooth to protect it and reduce pain. 

He may also give you a prescription for pain medication. Over time, the dentist may need other procedures to restore the tooth, such as dental crowns.

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The Smile Space can help with everything from managing chipped or cracked teeth to helping you find the perfect solution for your smile. And if you require cosmetic procedures, we’ve got you covered there too!

With modern dental technology, we can offer quick and practical treatment options for your chipped teeth and other dental issues, so you can be on your way to a healthier smile in no time.

We offer fast, convenient, and hassle-free claims and payment options. We accept all health funds and work with insurance providers so patients receive the most out of their cover.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Chipped or Cracked Tooth

You may have a chipped or cracked tooth if you experience any of the following:

  • Sensitivity to heat, cold, or pressure
    Chipped or cracked teeth can often be sensitive to pressure and temperature extremes. This is because when the tooth is chipped or cracked, the nerve inside the tooth can be exposed. This nerve is responsible for transmitting sensations of heat, cold, and pressure to the brain. This can cause discomfort when consuming hot or cold foods or applying pressure to the tooth.

  • Discolouration of the tooth
    The chipped, broken, or split tooth may discolour due to the injury and the blood that accumulates at the site or if the damage reaches the tooth pulp. This discolouration can range in colour from light pink to deep purple and will usually be quite noticeable.

  • Swelling gums.
    Swelling can signify that the tooth has been damaged and that infection may have set in. If left unmanaged, an infection can spread and cause further damage to the tooth.

  • Bad breath.
    Bad breath can be a symptom of a chipped or cracked tooth. Food and bacteria can get caught in the crevices when a tooth is damaged, leading to bad breath. A bad breath may also mean that infection has set in.

  • A visible chip or crack in the tooth.
    If you have a visible chip or crack in your tooth, you likely have a chipped or cracked tooth. A chipped tooth is a break in the tooth enamel. A cracked tooth is damage that extends beyond the enamel and into the dentine or the dental pulp. Both conditions can cause pain and require treatment.

There are many reasons why a tooth may chip or crack. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Biting into something hard
    Biting into something hard can chip or crack teeth because it puts a lot of stress on them. This is especially true if the person has weak or brittle teeth. Cavities can also make teeth more susceptible to cracking.
  • A fall or accident
    If you fall and hit your teeth, the impact can chip or crack them. Injuries from contact sports can also often result in chipped or cracked teeth, especially those with a direct blow to the mouth or a force transmitted through the jaw. In either case, the damage can be quite painful and may require an extensive type of dental treatment or complex restoration.
  • Teeth grinding
    Excessive grinding can wear down your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities and other dental problems.

You may experience pain, sensitivity, and bleeding if you chip or crack your teeth. It can be a severe problem for your oral health, as well as for your appearance. If you suspect that you’ve fractured one or more of your teeth, call our dental clinic right away—the sooner we see you, the better chance we have at preventing further damage to them!

A broken tooth can cause pain, bleeding, and damage to nearby tissues and bones. Depending on the severity of the chip or crack, the dentist may be able to address it with a filling or dental bonding. 

In more severe cases, the cracked tooth may need a dental crown. If the chip or crack is too large, or if it has caused extensive damage to the tooth, the dentist may need to perform a more invasive treatment option or even extract the tooth.

A dental professional can glue a chipped or cracked tooth back together. The tooth will need to be cleaned, and the crack or chip will need to be filled with dental putty. The tooth will then be glued back together with a dental adhesive material. However, it is essential to note that if the chip or crack is too large, the tooth may need a dental filling or be replaced.

Visit our dental clinic and schedule your emergency appointment for prompt treatment. Our dental team can examine your teeth and let you know your dental treatment options.

Depending on the severity of the chip or crack, a dentist may recommend that the tooth be extracted. If the chip or crack is small and does not affect the tooth’s integrity, a dentist may restore it with a filling or dental cement. If the chip or crack is large, a dentist may recommend extraction to prevent the tooth from breaking further.

If you suffer from chipped or cracked teeth, it’s time to visit The Smile Space. We’ve dedicated our dental clinic to helping you achieve a bright smile—one that feels natural and lasts for years.