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Are you considering Invisalign for a healthier and straighter smile? That’s a great decision! Invisalign is an innovative way to straighten teeth without traditional metal braces.

However, caring for your teeth while on Invisalign is as important as traditional braces. You must practice an oral care routine tailored to Invisalign to get the desired results and keep your teeth straight. This article will discuss the dos and don’ts of caring for your teeth when on Invisalign so you can achieve the brand-new smile you deserve.

That’s why it’s important to follow proper Invisalign care. Following proper Invisalign maintenance, you can achieve the desired results by understanding the basics of Invisalign care and how to clean your teeth and aligners.

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Summary of the Article

Invisalign offers a convenient and straightforward way to get straight teeth using a series of custom-designed, removable aligners that gently shift your teeth into the desired position.

Invisalign is virtually invisible when worn and can be easily removed when eating and brushing.

Compared to braces, Invisalign is more comfortable and improves oral hygiene.

The steps to effective oral hygiene include brushing twice daily and flossing once daily, avoiding sugary drinks and food, and rinsing your aligner regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria.

It is also important to wear your aligners properly and for at least 22 hours daily to keep healthy tooth alignment.

Appointments with your dentist should be maintained to check the dental treatment progress.

The length of the aligner treatment plan can vary depending on the patient but takes anywhere from 6-18 months.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an innovative way for dentists to straighten teeth without the hassle of wire braces. Invisalign can gradually move crooked teeth into the correct position through invisible aligners. Here’s how the process works:

First, your dentist will take a digital scan of your teeth. This scan will be sent to a lab where 3D images of your teeth will be created. The lab will then design a series of custom aligners tailored to your unique needs. The aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that is virtually invisible when worn.

Next, your dentist will provide you with custom-made aligners, which you’ll wear over your teeth. Each batch of aligners should be worn for about two weeks before switching to the next. The aligners will gradually move your teeth into the desired position. You’ll need to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks to see if the treatment progresses as planned.

The aligner treatment time usually lasts between 6 and 18 months. After moving your teeth into the desired position, you must wear a retainer to maintain your new smile. The aligners are comfortable to wear, and most people won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing them. With Invisalign, you can get the brighter smile you’ve always wanted – without anyone knowing!

The Invisalign Advantage

  • Comfort:
    Invisalign’s unique clear plastic aligners fit snugly around your teeth and are comfortable to wear. They are so comfortable that you may not even feel them.
  • Convenience:
    The unique clear aligners can be taken out for eating and brushing your teeth, which makes eating and dental hygiene easier.
  • Clear:
    Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so you can go about your daily life without feeling self-conscious about your appearance.
  • Effective:
    Invisalign is a highly effective dental system that can address even the most complex cases of malocclusion.
  • Customised:
    Invisalign aligners are customised to fit your teeth correctly.
  • Fast results:
    Invisalign treatment takes between 6 and 18 months, depending on the complexity of your case.
  • Safe:
    Invisalign is made of clear plastic and is safe to use, with no risk of infection, laceration, or irritation.
  • Cost-effective:
    Invisalign treatments can be more worth the investment than traditional braces.
  • Peace of mind:
    With regular Invisalign maintenance and scheduled appointments, your entire aligner treatment can be managed with the peace of mind of knowing that you are in the care of an experienced dental team at your dental clinic.

Caring for Your Invisalign Treatment

1. Brush Every Time You Eat

Eating can lead to food debris and bacteria buildup between your Invisalign trays and teeth. This can lead to plaque buildup and cavities if not properly managed. To avoid this, brush your teeth and use Invisalign trays after every meal.

2. Take Your Trays Out

Take your Invisalign trays off when eating or about to eat something. Allowing food particles to get stuck in your trays can cause bacteria buildup and can even cause discolouration.

3. Brush Properly

It is important to brush carefully when wearing your Invisalign trays. Gently brush your teeth and the trays so they don’t get scratched. Rinse the aligner trays after brushing and then put them back in.

4. Don’t Forget to Floss

Flossing is essential when wearing your Invisalign trays. Use a floss threader to floss underneath your Invisalign trays, removing excess food and bacteria buildup between your teeth.

5. Rinse

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash daily so your breath stays fresh, and plaque buildup is minimised.

6. Clean Your Invisalign Trays

Cleaning your Invisalign trays regularly is important for them to stay clean and protect the material from discolouration. Use a soft toothbrush or a retainer cleaner to eliminate any buildup that might have accumulated on the trays.

Swap Out Aligners on Schedule

Swapping out aligners on schedule is critical for an effective procedure. Keeping to the right timeline helps the patients experience the full range of benefits of their treatment. Aligners slowly and gently adjust teeth over time and must be swapped out regularly for treatments to be successful.

Following your dentist’s instructions for Invisalign maintenance is important to stay on track with the aligner schedule. Patients should remain dedicated to their treatment, swapping out aligners when directed. The goal is to provide patients with optimal results with minimal treatment time.

Following your dentist’s instructions on proper Invisalign care is the key to a successful dental  treatment and improved oral health.

Tips to Keep Your Invisalign Retainers Clean

  • Follow the cleaning directions:
    Rinse your retainers with cold or lukewarm water after each use, and gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.

  • Soak your dental retainers:
    Look for a dental cleaner specifically designed for Invisalign retainers, or soak your retainers in a denture cleaner formula following the instructions on the product label. Soaking your retainers helps get rid of built-up bacteria and debris.

  • Avoid hot water:
    Hot water can warp and damage your retainers, so avoid using it when you clean them.

  • Do not share your retainers:
    Because bacteria and plaque can easily spread between individuals, it’s important never to share them with anyone else.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Different from Other Teeth Straightening Options?

Invisalign treatment is a revolutionary new option in teeth straightening that is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods dentists use. Invisalign is different from more traditional teeth straightening options in several ways.

  1. Virtually invisible.
    The clear plastic aligners are designed to fit snugly over your teeth and are virtually undetectable when you talk or smile. This makes Invisalign a great option for teenagers and adults who want a discreet way to straighten their teeth and improve their overall appearance.
  2. Increased comfort.
    The clear aligners are designed to custom-fit your mouth and do not have any adhesive that could cause discomfort. This makes Invisalign a great option for those who want to straighten their teeth without having the bulky and uncomfortable materials associated with traditional braces.
  3. Increased flexibility.
    Invisalign aligners can be pulled out whenever necessary, such as for eating or brushing teeth. This makes Invisalign an ideal option for busy adults who may not have time to commit to the more rigid and time-consuming treatment plans.

Invisalign provides patients with a comfortable, discreet, and flexible way to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles. Invisalign is the right option for those looking for a more stylish and convenient way to achieve their desired results.

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Comparing Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign treatment can be a great alternative to metal braces, as it offers a subtle and comfortable approach to getting the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign uses custom-made, clear aligners to adjust your teeth instead of metal braces that are more visible.

With Invisalign, rather than brackets and wires, a series of aligners are used to move your teeth into the ideal position. The aligners are made of a smooth and comfortable plastic material that won’t irritate the inside of your mouth. 

Furthermore, Invisalign treatment takes less time than traditional braces, so you can achieve your dream smile faster. Because the aligners are removable, you can maintain your regular brushing and flossing routine and continue eating your favourite foods. Invisalign aligners are also much less noticeable than metal braces, so you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious while undergoing treatment. 

Overall, Invisalign treatment offers several advantages over traditional braces, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer a more discreet approach to achieve their desired smile. 

What Is the Cost Of Invisalign and the Factors that Affects This?

The cost of Invisalign depends on factors such as your case, desired result, and length of treatment. The average cost of Invisalign can start at $6500. Please book an appointment with your dental clinic so your dentist can give an accurate quote for your custom treatment plan.

Things to Keep in Mind After Invisalign Procedure

  • Wear your retainers:
    Wearing your retainers, or “retention trays”, is essential for keeping your newly aligned teeth in place. You should wear your retainers for at least 20-22 hours per day and regularly clean your retention trays. When not wearing them, store the retainers in the case provided by your dentist.

  • Avoid hard and chewy foods:
    To prevent damage and to keep the Invisalign results you desire, avoid foods like hard candy, nuts, and chewy candy to prevent unnecessary strain on your teeth.

  • Check your alignment:
    Regularly check if your teeth are still properly aligned. This will help you track the progress of your treatment and any minor changes that may have occurred.

  • Refrain from tobacco use:
    Tobacco can cause staining and discolouration to newly aligned teeth. If you are a smoker or chew tobacco, choosing a different form of nicotine replacement therapy is important.

  • Visit your dentist regularly:
    After you have finished your Invisalign treatment, it is important to visit your dentist regularly to check if your teeth are staying in place. You can call and schedule an appointment at least once every six months at your dental clinic.

  • Avoid teeth grinding:
    Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause unwanted damage to your teeth. If you are prone to teeth grinding, you should consider getting a mouthguard to protect your teeth while you sleep.

Final Thoughts

Having good oral health is essential to both your overall wellness and having an effective Invisalign treatment. It also helps keep your Invisalign treatment going as smoothly as possible. If your teeth are in poor condition, this can cause your aligners not to fit properly and cause your treatment to be delayed. Taking the time to take the necessary steps now can help you have a healthier, happier smile and oral health.

At The Smile Space dental clinic, we believe good oral hygiene is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and making the most out of any Invisalign treatment. Visit us today, and let us get you on the right track towards a beautiful, straighter smile.

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Dr. Joseph Coorey

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